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Finding an experienced commercial inspector is important for any commercial building. We are able to handle commercial inspections for a wide variety of buildings, from apartment buildings to shopping complexes. LKI has over 30 years of combined experience providing inspections. Call LKI if you need to speak to our professional regarding a commercial inspection.


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Commercial Inspections

Our Commercial Inspections Services near Louisville, KY

Commercial Inspections Services in Nelson County, KY

When you have a commercial building you are getting ready to sell, it is important to get it inspected. Getting an inspection beforehand can help you identify any problems the building may have and address them. Additionally, it can put a buyer’s mind at ease. LKI is experienced in commercial inspections for the following building types:

Commercial Inspection Services in Hardin County, KY

There are several things commercial inspectors may look for when inspecting your building:

Commercial Inspections in Nelson County, KY

LKI offers commercial inspections to the following areas:

Please call our LKI professional, today to discuss your commercial inspection needs.