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Our Radon Testing Services near Louisville, KY

Radon Testing Services in Hardin County, KY

Buying a property and want to make sure it’s radon contamination free? Searching online for radon testing and radon testers near me? Then consider working with LKI. We handle radon inspections in Spencer County, and other surrounding counties in Kentucky.

LKI utilizes only the most competent lab that provides easily understandable, quantitative analysis with a quick turn-around time to the customers. Radon exposure is not something to be taken lightly. People who are exposed to radon for prolonged periods of time run the risk of getting lung cancer. Therefore, it’s incredibly helpful to hire a home inspection company that can address these needs for you.

LKI can assist in the radon testing process in Spencer County and other surrounding counties in the Kentucky and Ohio regions. With a vast amount of experience, LKI can help provide all the details in knowing that you’re purchasing a safe home.

LKI provides radon testing to clients in and around Spencer County, KY as well as the following areas in Kentucky

Radon Inspections

Home Radon Inspection Services in Nelson County, KY

A home radon inspection and radon testing should be strongly considered depending upon where the house you intend to purchase is located geographically. Whether you’re buying the house for your own use, you’re buying it as an investment property or you’re flipping it to another buyer, that if necessary any concern regarding radon is addressed in an accurate and objective manner. We believe that public health and safety should be a paramount concern for everyone. If a property buyer approaches LKI about radon testing or a home radon inspection, we want to provide them with the best option available.

Radon Inspections in Bullitt County, KY

What is Radon and why are radon testing and radon inspections important?

Uranium is a naturally occurring mineral. As it exists in nature, it is totally inert. However, when it decays in soil, rock, and water, the chemical reaction turns it into a radioactive gas that can mix with the air. When this happens under a house, this radioactive gas moves up through the ground and through cracks in the foundation. Since the air inside the house is basically stagnant, the gas accumulates over time. That is why radon testing is important when buying old houses and properties.

Radon Inspections

Radon Testers Services in Shelby County, KY

You may spend a lot of time searching for “radon testers near me”. LKI would like to help. From start to finish, we facilitate radon testing services in Kentucky and Ohio. If you are interested, please call to speak with any of our knowledgeable team members. With over 30 years of combined experience, we can handle both radon testing and general home inspection services.