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Wood Destroying Insect & Termite Inspections

Our Termite Inspections Services near Louisville, KY

Termite Inspections Oldham County, KY

Do you need the services of a termite inspection company? Has that led to a search online for a “WDI inspection, home termite inspection or termite inspectors near me”? If you are in or around Oldham County, KY, then LKI is available to facilitate a termite inspection for you.

Conducting a termite inspection is something you may want to consider when buying any property. A thorough termite inspection can prevent major structural damage that’s cause by termites.

LKI is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our professional, licensed inspector has extensive experience working with termite inspectors, and knows how to properly identify termite activity and damage.

LKI facilitates termite inspections service for the following areas:

Wood Destroying Insect & Termite Inspections

Home Termite Inspection Services in Shelby County, KY

There are several warning signs that you may need to get a home termite inspection:

Termite Inspectors in Hardin County, KY

Nobody likes to have a bug infestation. If you think your home might be infested, it’s a good idea to start looking for termite inspection companies. These experts can help determine if your building really does have a termite problem, and will look at several aspects:

If you need professionals to facilitate a termite inspection in Kentucky, then consider LKI.
Wood Destroying Insect & Termite Inspections

WDI Inspection Services in Nelson County, KY

Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) are part of our inspections services. Carpenter ants, wood boring bees and various other beetles are some of the wood destroying insects that may leave signs that will need to be identified during the inspection. Call our LKI professional today to learn more about our services.