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Our Structural Inspections Services near Louisville, KY

Structural Inspections Services in Hardin, County KY

Do you need a structural inspection done on a property you’re buying? Are you tired of searching online for foundation inspection or home structural inspection near me?
If you need a company that provides structural inspections in Louisvile, KY , or other surrounding counties, then please consider working with LKI.

One of the fist questions that a home buyer asks an inspector upon completion of the home inspection is, “How is the structure?” It’s LKI’s duty to make sure the house you’re buying is structurally sound.

If you’re purchasing the property for yourself, or you’re buying it as an investment property, it’s imperative to have a structural inspection performed on the home.

LKI is a structural inspections service provider in the following areas:

Structural Inspections

Foundation Inspection Services in Shelby County, KY

The foundation of the home is the cornerstone of which the home is built and is one of the most important aspects of a structural inspection. Understanding different cracks and how they affect the rest of the structure are just a few of the components to analyze when conducting a structural inspection. LKI has serviced clients in Louisville, KY and surrounding counties. LKI is confident that we can provide a sound structural inspection for you.

Structural Inspection Services in Bullitt County, KY

Getting a structural inspection for your home is invaluable. Structural problems that are identified early can be addressed immediately, and save the buyer headaches and thousands of dollars, or potentially more down the road. Let LKI address your structural inspection needs.

Whether it’s a straight-line crack, a footer problem or street creep, LKI is prepared to offer you an in-depth, quality structural inspection.

Structural Inspections

Structural Inspection Services in Nelson County, KY

If you are searching for a company that does “structural inspection near me” online, consider working with LKI. We offer:

Getting a structural inspection is important for anyone looking to buy a home. If you live in or around the Oldham, KY area then we can help. Please call and speak to an LKI professional to learn more about this service.